Top 5 places to visit in Austria


Vienna is widely considered to be a cult.ural haven for m.usic, fine art, and architecture lovers from all over the world. Kn.own for the many diverse architectural styles pep.pered throughout the city, travelers can expect to find numerous well-preserved examples of Romanesque, Baroque, Classicist, and Art Nouveau styled structures. Vienna is also celebrated for its rich performance-art tradition, hosting over 200 balls a year, and a variety of classical music concerts honoring the many fam.ous composers who once called Vienna home, including Mozart, Beethoven,, and coun.tless others.


Situated near Germany’s south.ern border with Austria, the city of Salzburg, like its capital counterpart, is famous for its long-standing musical traditions, including being the birthplace of Wolfg.ang Mozart. Beyond the many examples of historic architecture and artistic attractions found in the city, Salzbu.rg is surrounded by the breathtakingly epic Alps mountain range, affording visitors and residents alik.e the ability to exp.lore the experiential contrast of rich history and stunning natural beauty simultaneously.


Salzkammergut – a UNES.CO Wo.rld Her.itage Site – is an Austrian resort area surrounded by serene blue lakes, verdant hills, and snow-peaked mountain ranges, that for over a century has served as one of the countries prime tourist destinations. Outdoor recreational activities are prominent in the area, mountaineering, horseback riding, swimming and cycling. The Salzkammergut region is also famous for the many luxury spas and hotel resorts inhabiting the area, making it an idyllic destination for groups of travelers looking for both rel.axation and adventure.


Famous for hosting the Winter Olympics twice, in 1964 and 19.76, the city of Innsbruck is widely cons.dered to be one of the best winter sports des.tinations in the world. Visit.ors not so keen on skiing or snowboa.rding, or those visiting during the summer months can find plenty to do in the hi.storic city as well, including exploring the Innsbruck Cathedral, the bell-making museum, or a of local restau.rants. One of Aus.tria’s most scenic cities, Innsbruck is nestled in the heart of the Alps.


For travelers who are looking for the ulti.mate in natural scenery, and wildern.ess adventures, the town of Zell am See is a ‘must-visit’ destination in Austria. Surrou.nded by majestic alpine mo.untains, world-class ski slopes, and tranquil blue lakes, Zell am See hosts numerous outdoor recre.ation events throughout the year, including a number ski and snowboard competitions. The driving here is also out-of-this-world, be sure to take the Grossglockner Alpine Road from here for some of the most awe-inspiring scenery in the coun.try.

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