Vienna Public Transport Guide

Vienna is an ideal size for commuting by public transport and cycling. Public transport is fast, reliable and, even if it is in another language, it has easy-to-understand translated applications, as well as a unified price list.

Read on and we’ll tell you all about public transport in Vienna , so you don’t spend too much and prepare your trip in advance.

Public Transport Prices

Vienna’s public transport system has a unified and simple pricing model for the main means of transport; buses , metro and tram .


  • Single tickets: € 2.4, € 1.2 for children.
  • 24 hour ticket: € 8.
  • 48-hour ticket: € 14.10.
  • 72 hour ticket: € 17.10.
  • One week ticket: € 17.10.

More information about tickets on their website .

Vienna City Card

As in other European cities, Vienna also offers a city card that combines public transport, visits to the main tourist attractions and discounts in shops and venues.

To see the discounts and benefits  visit their website , the basic price of the basic card is:

  • 24 hours: € 17
  • 48 hours: € 25
  • 72 hours: € 29

The plus rate does not include public transportation (which makes it confusing), but does include a city tour during the day and one at night, as well as including a trip on the tourist bus. Prices:

  • 24 hours: € 32
  • 48 hours: € 37
  • 72 hours: € 41

Vienna subway

The  Vienna metro  has 5 lines and 104 stations. The logo is the blue U because its German name is U-Bahn. It is modern, fast and efficient, and it also connects the main points of interest in the city.

Vienna tram

The  Vienna tram  has 29 lines and is a vital means of transport for the city. It has more than 1000 stops, connects the main points of the city and is possibly the most convenient transport if you visit Vienna.

Vienna buses

Vienna has 90 bus lines (24 of these at night) that connect the entire city and make up for the gaps or distances not covered by trams and the subway. They are useful for specific destinations and city dwellers, for tourists the metro and tram are usually enough and are faster.

Bicycles in Vienna, Citybike Wien

Vienna has 1,200 kilometers of cycle paths and one of the best public bicycle services in Europe, the Citybike Wien. Wien Citybike has 200 stations in prominent locations (near metro stations, monuments, museums, etc…) and you can use bicycles for less than two euros a day, although it is not a rental service.

To rent bicycles ask at the hotel, many businesses offer rental service by the day.

Mobile Applications (Android and iOS)

Vienna has a unified public transport app called qando Vienna. You can find waiting times, departure times and plan routes, as well as being informed of possible traffic jams or problems with the public transport system:


Google maps also works perfectly, just as valid as in other cities.

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